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And now, ladies and gentlemen, concerning one of the great poetic minds
of the 20th century!
How do we know what on earth he's talking about?
Heh, heh...

I offer Margo's synopsis of The Cat in the Hat Gets Grinched!

That Grinch! That Grinch!

The sun came up gliztling!

And the whitzle birds!

Well, they were whitzling!
On this buzzy, beezleberry day

It was a beepin' leapin' moo moo loo loo of a day

But that Grinch! That psychopathic Grinch!
That puzzleflamaster!

He called his reluctant dog, Max: Here Maxy Waxy! No hidey widey from Grinchy Winchy! (Want to know what /w/ does? Consider the alternatives.)

He gargled and snurgled and fuzzled the sound!

With his vacuum sound sweeper (constructed, in case it's not obvious to you) of the following parts:

He gave the poor Cat a gadickle flamax deluxe!

And that is not all!
He also got a triple ringfitzle rundunkle geschopp!

It was zanplausible, zanpossible, zanreasonable and unlawzible

But there he was schplutzing his ego around...

And then rowdy dow!

The psychologicalized a bit and succeeded in ungrinching the Grinch!

And how about this... why does it work?
How to deal with
this beezleberry world
of inconveniencalities:




In this world
of complexitous complikitations.
In this world
Of pecunitous puzzelizations.
In this world
And ridunculous ruffulizations.
Of blockerizations and

The comes a time for

Absotively posilutely!




Margo's Magical Letter Page