Standing Stones
in Pinecliffe, CO

Margo's Magical Letter Page

Margaret Magnus

This is an area of Pinecliffe, CO in which we had a cabin. On reflection, it seems to me that there is a standing stone which perhaps didn't just land where they are by mistake, but I'm uncertain. The whole area bears very clear marks of having once been in an area where water was swirling around a lot - perhaps a stream bed or ocean shore. It is marked on the map below as 'FACE'. We called it Little Man. If you stand in the area I have marked as 'OVERLOOK' you can clearly see the face. At the base of the rock pile we called Little Man are two springs right next to each other. They are no longer running freely as they were when I was small. They too are marked. At the place marked 'Fierce Foo' is a little sign certainly buried in the grass by now which says 'Fierce Foo Creek, Dangerous in Flood Season'. It marks the place where we used to cross the creek to get to the spring. (I think springs were significant to the Indians, especially in that region.) There are other 'rock piles' in the area marked in pink. We called them Labster's (after the neighbor's dog), Dagger and Look-out to the north. At the place marked Gorge Caves, there are some small caves buried in the mountainside with some pretty steep drops right into the creek. I think there may be much in there of interest, especially further East at the narrows, which we didn't get to much as kids because it was so steep.

Go out to Rocky Flats south of Boulder and turn West up Coal Creek Canyon. I believe it's highway 72. You climb up to Wondervu and then drop down on the other side to the creek. Pinecliffe is right there where you cross the creek. Probably it's easiest to park at a small parking area to the South just after you cross the tracks. Right across from there is a gate with a road going up into the Pinecliffe Resort and Investment Association. It's all private property.

Little Man from the overlook. The face is circled.

From a closer vantage point.

From the North side. It's about 6 feet high.

The face up close.