People Words

by Margaret Magnus
copyright 1998 by Margaret Magnus
all rights reserved

On this page, I sort all the words in my vocabulary which refer to people and which contain no prefixes or suffixes. I sort them in two different ways:

1. In the first sort, I sort initially by the type of person and then by the sound.
2. In the second sort, I sort first by sound, and then by the type of person.

1. First Sort - by Type of Person, then by Sound

The first number following the class is the number of words in that class, followed by the percentage that makes of all the 880 monomorphemic people words in my vocabulary. Inside each of these classes, I sort again by initial consonant. Notice that the largest major class of people terms are insults (36% of monomorphemic words for people are insulting). Following these are words for men. The largest class of words for men are male professions. I have tried here to include only professions like 'tzar', 'pope', and 'bandit', which still only apply to men. I have tried to leave out terms like 'fuzz', 'dean' and 'jockey' which only prototypically refer to men. The next three classes by size are politically powerful men, aggressive men and strong men. This suggests to me that much male stereotyping is built into the English language. The next largest group of words for people are not words for women, but words for professions. The majority of these terms are no longer necessarily male, but they are still prototypically male. The only profession represented which is prototypically female is prostitution. The next class after these are terms of praise. Of these, the largest class are not words of praise based on virtue, but based on power. They are titles, predominantly male titles. The next class finally are words for women. The largest class of words for women refer to women as sex objects, followed by words for beautiful women, followed by terms of endearment, followed by ugly women. And then before we find terms for children, we find words for groups of people, mythical figures, terms of endearment, and relatives. The only significant group of words for children other than general terms are again insults. So, fellow citizens, take a closer look at where our heads are at:

The first few sub-classes of people words in order of size are!!!!:

Unprincipled People 86 9.8%
Male Professions 80 9.1%
Aggressive People 75 8.5% (primarily male)
Titles 51 5.8%
Stupid People 43 4.9%
Politically Powerful Men 38 4.3%
Powerful Professions 36 4.1% (primarily male)
Aggressive Men 33 3.8%
Strong Men 31 3.5%
Holy People 31 3.5%
Women as Sex Objects 30 3.4%
Beautiful People 29 3.3%
Insignificant People 29 3.3%

The main classes in order of size are:

Derogative Terms 319 36%
Men 206 23%
Professions 174 20%
Lauditory Terms 137 16%
Women 115 13%
Groups 111 13%
Mythical Figures 53 6%
Words of Affection 52 6%
Relatives 48 5%
Children 35 4%
Races 21 2.3%
Pronouns 16 1.8%
Peasants 12 1.4%
Gays 9 1%
General 5 0.6%
Dead People 4 0.5%
Sick People 3 0.3%
People According to Hair Color 2 0.2%

Main classes and subclasses together:

Derogative Terms 319 36%
Unprincipled 86 9.8%
Aggressive 75 8.5%
Stupid 43 4.9%
Insignificant 29 3.3%
Racial or Political 20 2.3%
Ridiculous 20 2.3%
MisFit 18 2.1%
Sexual 18 2.1%
Ugly 16 1.8%
Lazy 15 1.7%
Old 14 1.6%
Greedy 11 1.3%
Feminine Man 9 1.0%
Boastful 9 1.0%
Weak 9 1.0%
Masculine Woman 2 0.2%
Boring 2 0.2%
Men 206 23%
Male Professions 77 8.8%
Politically Powerful Men 38 4.3%
Aggressive Men 33 3.8%
Strong Men 31 3.5%
Dear Men 26 2.9%
Unprincipled Men 25 2.8%
Religious Men 25 2.8%
Handsome Men 21 2.3%
Mythogolical Men 20 2.3%
Effeminate or Weak Men 16 1.8%
Basic Words for Men 14 1.6%
Crude Men 13 1.5%
Ridiculous Men 8 0.9%
Professions 174 20%
Powerful 36 4.1%
Holy Person 31 3.5%
Musician, Entertainer 17 1.9%
Servant 17 1.9%
Misc. Professions 16 1.8%
Military 15 1.7%
Police 13 1.5%
Crook 11 1.3%
Watch Over 9 1.0%
Prostitute 7 0.8%
Sports 6 0.7%
Legal 5 0.6%
Medical 4 0.5%
Travellers 3 0.3%
Lauditory Terms 137 16%
Titled 52 6.0%
Beautiful 29 3.3%
Virtuous, Holy 26 3.0%
Good-Hearted and Dear 19 2.2%
Competent 17 1.9%
Powerful 7 0.8%
Women 115 13%
Women as Sex Objects 30 3.4%
Beautiful, Graceful Women 28 3.1%
Dear Women 20 2.3%
Unattractive/Ugly Women 15 1.7%
Basic Words for Women 14 1.6%
Fierce Women 9 1.0%
Mythogolical Women 6 0.7%
Religious Women 2 0.2%
Groups 111 13%
General 29 3.3%
Family 22 2.5%
Misc. Professions 20 2.3%
Political 16 1.8%
Bad Guys 15 1.7%
Social 15 1.7%
Police, Military 14 1.6%
Legal 5 0.6%
Numbers 4 0.5%
Mythical Figures 53 6%
Demon 15 1.7%
Phantom 10 1.1%
Nymph 7 0.8%
God 7 0.8%
Dwarf 6 0.7%
Siren 4 0.5%
Sorcery 4 0.5%
Spiritually Powerful 3 0.3%
Physically Powerful 3 0.3%
Words of Affection 52 6%
Man to Woman 20 2.3%
Pal 9 1.0%
Flame 8 0.9%
Father 8 0.9%
Mother 5 0.6%
Nanny 2 0.2%
Relatives 48 5%
Tribe 11 1.3%
Father 10 1.1%
Spouse 8 0.9%
Mother 7 0.8%
Siblings 5 0.6%
Son, Daughter 3 0.3%
Abandoned 3 0.3%
Niece, Nephew 2 0.2%
Children 35 4%
General 19 2.2%
Derogative 8 0.9%
Other 8 0.9%
Races 21 2.3%
Pronouns 16 1.8%
Peasants 12 1.4%
Gays 9 1%
Male 6 0.7%
Other 3 0.3%
General 5 0.6%
Dead People 4 0.5%

Sick People 3 0.3%
People According to Hair Color 2 0.2%

General /p/, /s/
/p/: people, person
/s/: self, soul
/w/: one
Pronouns /h/, /m/, /j/
/S/: she
/h/: he, her, hers, him, his
/h/: who, whom, whose
/m/: me, mine, my
/w/: we
/j/: you, your, yours
Derogative Terms
Unprincipled [+labial], /k/, /s/, /h/
/b/: bandit, bastard, beast, bigot, bitch, blight, bogie, bully
/p/: pirate
/t/: terror, titan, troll, tyrant
/k/: cabal, cannibal, cartel, clique, crook, culprit, kamikazi
/f/: felon, fence, fiend, foe, fox, fraud
/T/: thief, thug,
/s/: Satan, scab, scum, serpent, shark, skunk, slime, snake, sneak, snoop, swine
/h/: hawk, heavy, heel, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, hound, junta
/J/: jackal, jerk, jezebel
/C/: charlatan, churl
/m/: mafia, mass, medusa, menace, mob, monster
/n/: knave
/l/: louse
/r/: rabble, rake, rascal, rat, ring, riot, rip, roach, rogue, rot, rout, roué, rowdy, rubble
/v/: vamp, vampire, vandal, villian, viper, vixen, vulture
/w/: wasp, weasel, witch, wolf, wretch
Aggressive [+labial, +voiced], /h/, /m/
/b/: bandit, bastard, bear, beast, bigot, bitch, blab, blight, bogie, boss, bother, brat, bruiser, brute, bug, bugger, bull, bully
/g/: geezer, grouch, grump
/p/: pest, pirate, prick
/t/: terror, titan, troll, tyrant
/k/: cannibal, crab, crank, kamikazi
/v/: vamp, vampire, vandal, villian, viper, vixen, vulture
/f/: fury, fuzz
/T/: thorn, thug
/S/: shrew
/J/: jezebel
/l/: harpy, heavy, hood, hoodlum, hound, junta
/m/: mafia, mass, medusa, menace, mob, monster
/r/: rabble, rake, rascal, rat, ring, riot, rip, roach, rogue, rot, rout, roué, rowdy, rubble
/w/: wasp, witch, wolf, wretch
Stupid /b/, /d/, /g/, /k/, /S/
/b/: baboon, block, boob, booby, boor, bumpkin
/d/: dolt, dope, drip, dub, dud, duffer, dummy, dunce
/g/: gallery, gander, gull
/k/: calf, klutz, kwack, quack
/z/: zombie
/f/: fool
/s/: simple, sprig, sucker
/S/: schlemiel, schlep, schlimazel, schmuck, schnook, sheep
/J/: joke
/C/: chump
/m/: moron
/n/: ninny, nitwit
/l/: lout, lubber, lummox
/r/: robot
/j/: yahoo, yokel
Insignificant [-voiced, -s]
/p/: pauper, peewee, peon, poor, punk, pygmy
/t/: trash, turd
/k/: cattle, crumb
/f/: filth, fink, fish, flotsam
/S/: shiksa, shit, shrimp, squirt
/C/: chattel
/w/: weed, worm
Racial or Political /g/, /k/, /m/
/b/: boy
/d/ dago
/g/: gook, goy, gringo
/p/: pagan, pink
/k/: kike, kraut
/f/: frog
/s/: spic
/S/: shiksa
/h/: honky
/m/: mafia, mob
/m/: mestizo, mulatto
/n/: nigger
/r/: red
/j/: yid
Ridiculous [+stop, -p]
/b/: bozo, buffoon, bumpkin, butt
/d/: dingbat, dingdong, droll
/g/: goof, goose
/t/: twerp, twit
/k/: clod, clown, cluck, cretin, cuckoo, kook
/J/: joke
/m/: monkey
/n/: nut
MisFit [+velar], /J/
/b/: bird
/d/: dweeb
/g/: gawk, geek, gink, goon
/p/: pariah
/t/: turkey
/k/: crank, creep, queer
/f/: freak, fruit
/s/: squirrel, stiff, stooge
/h/: heathen, hick, hobo
/J/: germ, jade
/m/: midge, midget, mongrel
/n/: nothing
/l/: lackey
Sexual Slurs /p/, /f/, /s/
/b/: bawd
/d/: doxy
/p/: pimp, prig, prissy, prude, prune
/v/: vamp
/f/: flirt, floozy, fuck
/s/: satyr, siren, slut
/m/: minx
/l/: lecher
/w/: wanton, wench
Ugly /s/
/b/: blimp
/d/: dog, drab
/t/: toad
/f/: frump
/s/: scrag, scum, slattern, slime, slob, slouch, sloven, smut
/h/: hag, hex, hulk
Lazy [+labial], /s/
/b/: bourgeois, bum
/g/: gawk
/t/: tramp
/v/: vegetable
/s/: sloth, slouch, slug, snail, sot, souse, sponge
/h/: hippie, hobo
/m/: mule
Old /b/, /f/, /h/
/b/: bag, bat, beldam, buzzard
/g/: geezer
/t/: tabby
/k/: codger, crone
/f/: fart, fogy, fossil
/h/: hag, hen, hex
Greedy /g/, /k/, /C/
/g/: glutton, golem
/p/: pig
/t/: tycoon
/k/: cannibal
/h/: hog
/C/: churl
/m/: miser, monger
/l/: lecher, leech
Feminine Man /p/, /f/
/p/: pansy, patsy
/k/: queen
/f/: fag, faggot, fairy, flit, fop, fruit
Weak [+stop, -voiced]
/p/: pansy, patsy, punk
/t/: twerp, twit
/k/: caitiff, chicken, cripple
/s/: sissy
Boastful /g/, /s/
/b/: brag
/g/: gascon
/s/: sass, scamp, snip, snob, snot, swank
/J/: jingo
Masculine Woman
/b/: butch
/d/: dyke
/b/: bore
/d/: drone
Basic Words for Men [+labial], /h/
/b/: boy, brother
/d/: dad
/g/: groom
/f/: father, fiancé
/s/: son
/h/: he, him, his
/h/: husband
/m/: male, man
/n/: nephew
Male Professions /b/, /p/, /k/, /s/, /m/
/b/: bandit, barber, bard, baron, bass, blue, bobby, bone/s, brave, bull, butcher
/d/: deacon, druid, duke
/p/: padre, parson, pastor, pharisee, pimp, pirate, pontiff, pope, priest, prior, pundit
/t/: troubadour, tyrant
/k/: cadet, captain, cardinal, coach, cock, colonel, count, kaiser, khan, king
/v/: valet, vicar, vizier
/z/: tzar
/f/: father, friar
/T/: thane
/s/: sadhu, sage, salt, samurai, satrap, sentry, sikh, sire, sovereign, sultan, swami
/S/: shah, shepherd, shogun
/h/: ham, harlequin, hobo
/J/: gigolo
/C/: chief
/m/: maestro, maharajah, marquis, marshal, martinet, matador, monk
/n/: knight
/l/: lama
/r/: rabbi, raj
/w/: wizard
/j/: yogi
Politically Powerful Men [-voiced] (esp. /k/, /s/), /m/
/p/: pope, prince
/t/: tyrant
/k/: cadet, captain, cardinal, chief, coach, cock, colonel, count, kaiser, khan, king
/v/: vizier
/z/: tzar
/f/: pharisee
/s/: sahib, satrap, sir, sire, sovereign, sultan
/S/: shah, shogun
/h/: hero
/m/: maestro, maharajah, marquis, marshal, martinet, master, minion, mister
/n/: knight
/l/: liege, lord
/r/: raj
Aggressive Men [+voiced, +labial]
/b/: bantam, bastard, beast, bogie, boor, brag, brat, brute, bugger, bull, bully, buster
/d/: demon, devil, dragon
/g/: gascon, gorilla,
/p/: pirate, pistol, prick
/t/: troll, tyrant
/T/: thug
/m/: macho, marshal, martinet, matador
/l/: leech
/r/: rake, rascal, rat, rogue, roué
Strong Men /b/, /s/, /r/
/b/: baboon, bear, beast, boor, brave, bruiser, brute, buck, bull
/d/: dude
/g/: gorilla
/t/: titan, troll
/k/: centaur
/T/: thug
/s/: salt, samurai, sentry, sergeant
/h/: hero
/J/: jack, jock
/m/: macho, matador
/n/: knight
/l/: lion
/r/: rake, rascal, rat, rogue, roué
Dear Men /b/, /p/, /d/
/b/: blade, bloke, blood, brick, brother, bub, bud, buddy, buster
/d/: dad, daddy
/g/: guy
/p/: pa, padre, pap, papa, paw, pop
/k/: card
/f/: fellow
/s/: son
/S/: shepherd
/J/: jack
/C/: chap, chum
/l/: lad
Unprincipled Man /b/, /r/
/b/: bantam, bastard, beast, bogie, brat, brute, bugger, bully
/d/: demon, devil, dragon
/g/: gringo
/p/: pirate, prick
/t/: troll, tyrant
/T/: thug
/n/: knave
/l/: lecher, leech
/r/: rake, rascal, rat, rogue, roué
Religious Men /p/, /f/, /s/
/p/: padre, parson, pastor, pontiff, pope, priest, prior, pundit
/k/: Christ
/f/: father, friar, pharisee
/s/: sadhu, sage, samurai, sikh, swami
/h/: hermit, hero
/m/: mahatma, monk
/l/: lama
/r/: rabbi
/w/: wizard
/j/: yogi
Handsome Men /b/
/b/: bach, bean, beau, blade, bloke, blood, brave, brick, buck
/d/: don, dude
/g/: guy
/p/: prince
/f/: fellow, fiancé
/s/: stag, stud, swank
/J/: gent
/n/: knight
/l/: lion
Mythogolical Men /d/, /g/
/d/: demon, devil, dragon, dryad
/g/: god, gremlin, griffin
/t/: titan, troll
/k/: centaur, Christ
/v/: vampire
/z/: zombie
/h/: Host
/J/: Jehovah, Jove
/l/: leprechaun, Lord
/w/: wizard
/j/: Yahweh
Effeminate or Weak Men /p/, /f/
/d/: dandy
/p/: pansy, patsy, peewee, punk
/f/: fag, faggot, fairy, flit, fop, fruit
/s/: sissy
/J/: gent
/m/: minion
/l/: lackey
/j/: eunuch
Crude Men /b/, /k/
/b/: baboon, beast, boor, bugger, bum, buster
/t/: troll
/k/: cad, codger, cuss
/z/: zombie
/h/: hobo
/C/: churl
Ridiculous Men /h/, /b/
/b/: block, boor, boy, bozo, buffoon, bumpkin
/h/: ham, harlequin
Powerful /p/, /k/, /s/, /S/ ([-voiced]
/b/: baron, bishop
/d/: deacon, dean
/p/: pontiff, pope, prince, prior, purple
/k/: cabinet, captain, cardinal, colonel, council, count, crown, kaiser, khan, king, queen
/z/: tzar
/f/: pharisee
/T/: throne
/s/: satrap, senate, sovereign, soviet, sultan
/S/: shah, sheik, shogun
/C/: chair, chief
/m/: maharajah, marquis
/r/: raja
Holy Person /p/ (priests), /s/ (sages)
/k/: cardinal, clergy
/d/: dervish
/g/: guru
/p/: padre, parson, pastor, pharisee, pilgrim, pontiff, pope, priest, prior, pundit, purple
/f/: father, friar
/s/: sadhu, sage, saint, samurai, scribe, sikh, sister, swami
/S/: shaman
/h/: hadji, hermit
/n/: nun
/r/: rabbi
/j/: yogi
Musician, Entertainer /b/, /t/, /k/, /m/
/b/: bard, bass, bones
/d/: diva
/t/: tenor, tourney, trio, troubadour, troupe
/k/: cast, choir, corps
/s/: star
/h/: harlequin
/m/: maestro, mime, minstrel
Servant /v/, /s/, /h/
/b/: boy
/p/: page
/k/: crew
/v/: valet, vassal, vicar, vizier
/s/: serf, sexton, slave, soldier, squire, staff, sub
/h/: hack, hand, helot
Military /g/, /k/, /s/, /m/
/g/: guard, guerilla, gun
/p/: platoon
/k/: colonel, corps, kamikazi
/s/: samurai, sentry, sergeant, soldier
/h/: junta
/m/: major, marshal, martinet
Police [+labial], /s/
/b/: bobby
/g/: guard
/p/: patrol, police, posse
/k/: cop
/f/: force, fuzz
/s/: sentry, sergeant
/S/: sheriff
/w/: warden, watch
Crook [+labial], /m/
/k/: crook
/v/: vandal, villian
/f/: felon, fence
/T/: thief
/h/: hood, hoodlum, junta
/m/: mafia, mob
Watch Over /s/, /S/, /n/
/g/: guide
/s/: scout, sleuth, spy
/S/: chaperon, shadow, shepherd
/n/: nanny, nurse
Prostitute [+stop, +vpoced]
/b/: bawd, bunny
/d/: doxy
/g/: geisha, gogo
/p/: pimp
/J/: gigolo
Sports /k/
/b/: back
/p/: pro
/k/: caddie, coach
/s/: star
/J/: jockey
Legal [+labial], /J/
/b/: bailiff
/p/: plaintiff
/k/: court
/J/: judge, jury
/v/: vet
/s/: sister, surgeon
/S/: shrink
/p/: pilot
/t/: tar
/s/: skipper
Other Professions
/b/: barber, butcher
/p/: poet, prof
/k/: clerk, cook
/s/: smith, student, sweep
/S/: chef
/h/: herald, hippie, hobo
/m/: mason
/n/: knight, nomad
Titled /d/, /k/, /s/, /l/, /m/
/b/: bourgeois
/d/: dame, deacon, dean, diva, don, dona, donna, duke
/g/: grace
/p/: prince
/k/: captain, cardinal, colonel, count, crown, kaiser, khan, king, queen
/s/: sadhu, sahib, satrap, sergeant, sir, sire, skipper, sovereign, sultan
/S/: shah, sheik, shogun
/J/: gent, gentry
/C/: chief
/n/: knight
/l/: lady, lama, liege, lord
/m/: madam, mademoiselle, maestro, maharajah, mahatma, major, marquis, mister
/r/: rabbi, raja
/z/: tzar
/w/: worship
Beautiful /b/, /d/, /t/
/b/: babe, baby, beauty, belle, blood
/d/: damsel, dish, diva, doll, dude
/p/: peach, piece
/t/: tail, tart, tomato, toots, tootsy, trick
/f/: flower, fox
/s/: stud, swank
/J/: gent
/C/: chick
/m/: maid, maiden, model
/n/: nymph
/l/: lady
Virtuous, Holy /s/, /m/
/g/: guru
/p/: pillar
/k/: Christ, cream
/v/: virgin
/s/: sadhu, sage, saint, samurai, shaman, sikh, swami
/h/: hadji, hero, Host
/m/: madonna, magdalen, mahatma, martyr, model
/n/: knight
/l/: lama, light, lion
/r/: rabbi
/j/: yogi
Good-Hearted and Dear /b/, /m/, [+affricate]
/b/: bean, blade, block, bloke, brick, bub, bud, buddy
/s/: sport
/h/: human
/J/: gem, jewel, joy
/C/: chap, chum
/m/: mahatma, mensch
/l/: lad, lamb, lass
Competent /m/, /r/, /w/
/b/: brain, brave
/s/: salt, star
/h/: hero
/C/: champ, champion
/m/: maestro, marvel, master
/n/: knight
/l/: lead, legend
/w/: whiz, wiz, wizard, wonder
/T/: throne
/h/: head
/C/: cheese, chief
/n/: name, noble
/w/: wheel
Basic Words for Women
/b/: bride
/d/: daughter
/g/: gal, girl
/f/: female
/h/: her, hers
/m/: mother
/n/: niece
/s/: sister
/S/: she
/w/: widow, wife, woman
Women as Sex Objects
/b/: babe, baby, bawd, broad, bunny
/d/: dish, doxy
/g/: geisha, gogo
/p/: piece
/t/: tail, tart, tomato, tramp, trick
/f/: flirt, floozy, fox
/s/: slut
/h/: harem, harlot, hook/er, hussy, whore
/C/: chick
/m/: minx, model, moll
/w/: wanton, wench
Beautiful, Graceful Women [+labial]
/b/: beauty, belle
/d/: dame, damsel, diva, dove, dowager
/g/: girl
/p/: peach, pearl
/k/: queen
/f/: flower
/s/: siren
/J/: gem, jewel
/m/: madam, matron
/m/: mademoiselle, maid, maiden, miss, moppet
/m/: madonna, magdalen
/n/: naiad, nymph
/l/: lady, lass
Dear Women [+labial]
/d/: dear, doll, dove, duck
/p/: pet, plum, pudding, puff, pumpkin
/t/: toots, tootsy
/s/: sugar
/h/: hen
/m/: ma, mama, mom, mum, mummy
/n/: nanny, nurse
Unattractive/Ugly Women
/b/: bag, bat, beldam
/b/: blimp, butch
/d/: dike, dog, drab
/p/: prune
/t/: toad
/f/: frump
/s/: squaw
/S/: shiksa
/h/: hag, hex
Fierce Women [+labial]
/b/: bitch
/v/: vixen
/f/: fury
/s/: sphinx
/S/: shrew
/h/: harpy
/J/: jezebel
/m/: medusa
/w/: witch
Mythogolical Women /s/, /p/, /f/
/p/: pixie
/s/: sibyl, sphinx, sprite
/n/: naiad, nymph
Religious Women
/s/: sister
/n/: nun
General Groups
/b/: bevy, boodle, both
/g/: gang, group
/p/: panel, party, people
/t/: team, trade, troop, trust
/k/: camp, caravan, clan, class, clique, club, council, crowd
/T/: throng
/s/: cell, circle, sect
/h/: herd, horde, host
/m/: mob
/l/: league
Family /b/, /k/, /f/
/b/: batch, blood, brood, bunch
/p/: pedigree
/t/: totem, tribe
/k/: clan, couple, crew, crowd, crèche, ken, kin, kith
/f/: family, feather, flock, fold, folk
/m/: ménage
/j/: young
Miscellaneous Professions Groups /k/
/b/: ballet, board
/g/: grange, guild
/p/: panel, press
/t/: tourney, trade, troupe
/k/: cadre, canon, cast, choir, clergy, crew
/s/: squad, staff, string
/C/: church
/l/: league
Political Groups /b/, /k/, /s/
/b/: bloc, body, bund
/p/: party
/k/: cabinet, camp, council
/f/: floor
/s/: senate, slate, soviet, state
/h/: junta
/C/: chamber
/l/: league
/w/: wing
Groups of Bad Guys /k/, /r/
/b/: band
/g/: gang
/p/: pack
/k/: cabal, camp, cartel, coven
/h/: horde, junta
/m/: mafia, mob
/r/: rabble, ring, riot, rubble
Social Groups /k/
/b/: bracket
/k/: clan, class, clique, club, colony, cream, crust, cult, cut
/t/: town
/h/: herd, horde
/l/: league
/w/: wing
Police, Military /p/
/b/: brigade
/d/: dragoon
/g/: guard
/p/: patrol, platoon, police, posse
/t/: troop
/k/: camp, corps
/s/: squad, squadron
/h/: junta
/w/: wing
Legal Groups /r/
/b/: bar, bench
/k/: court
/J/: jury
/C/: chamber
Numbers /t/, /w/
/t/: trio, twain, twin, two
Man to Woman [-voiced], /d/
/d/: darling, dear, dove, duck
/p/: peach, pearl, pet, pie, plum, pudding, puff, pumpkin
/t/: tart, tomato, toots, tootsy
/s/: sweet
/S/: sugar
/h/: honey
Pal [-voiced], [+labial]
/p/: pal, peer
/k/: comrade, crony
/f/: fellow, friend
/C/: chum
/m/: mate
/n/: neighbor
Flame [-stop], /f/, /h/, /J/, /m/, /l/
/f/: flame
/h/: half, heart
/J/: gem, jewel, joy
/l/: lamb, love
Father /d/, /p/
/d/: dad, daddy
/p/: pa, padre, pap, papa, paw, pop
Mother /m/
/m/: ma, mama, mom, mum, mummy
Nanny /n/
/n/: nanny, nurse
Tribe /t/, /k/, /f/
/t/: totem, tribe
/k/: cousin, ken, kin, kith
/f/: family, feather, flock, fold, folk
/p/: parent
Father /d/, /p/
/d/: dad, daddy
/p/: pa, padre, pap, papa, paw, pop
/f/: father
Mother /m/
/m/: ma, mama, mom, mother, mum, mummy
Siblings /b/
/b/: brood, brother, bunch
/k/: clone
/s/: sister
Spouse [+labial]
/g/: groom
/k/: couple
/f/: fiancé
/s/: spouse, squaw
/h/: half, husband
/w/: wife
Son, Daughter
/d/: daughter
/s/: scion, son
Niece, Nephew /n/
/n/: nephew, niece
Abandoned /w/
/w/: waif, ward, widow
General Words for Children /b/, /t/, /C/, /j/
/b/: babe, baby, bairn, bambino, boy
/g/: gal, girl
/p/: pupil
/t/: tad, teen, toddle/r, tot, tyke
/k/: kid
/C/: charge, child
/m/: minor
/j/: young, youth
Derogative /s/, [+labial]
/b/: brat
/p/: peewee, punk
/s/: scamp, snip, sprig, squirrel, squirt
Abandoned Children /w/
/g/: gamin
/w/: waif, ward, whelp
Other Children
/C/: cherub
/m/: moppet
/l/: lamb, lass
Derogatory Terms /g/, /k/
/d/: dago
/g/: goy, gringo
/k/: kike, kraut
/f/: frog
/s/: spic
/S/: shiksa
/h/: honky
/m/: mestizo, mulatto
/n/: nigger
/j/: yid
Non-Derogatory Terms /J/, /m/
/b/: black
/J/: gentile, gypsy, Jew
/n/: Negro
/r/: race
/w/: white
Demon /d/, /g/, /m/
/d/: demon, devil, dragon
/g/: gargoyle, ghoul, goblin, golem
/t/: troll
/v/: vampire
/z/: zombie
/s/: Satan
/h/: hex
/m/: medusa, monster
/w/: witch
Phantom /g/, /sp/
/g/: gargoyle, ghost, ghoul, golem
/z/: zombie
/f/: phantom
/s/: specter, spirit, spook
/r/: wraith
Nymph /p/, /f/, /n/
/p/: pixie
/f/: fairy, faun, fay
/s/: sprite
/n/: naiad, nymph
God [+velar], /J/
/g/: God
/k/: Christ
/h/: Host
/J/: Jehovah, Jove
/l/: Lord
/j/: Yahweh
Dwarf [+labial]
/d/: dryad, dwarf
/g/: gremlin
/s/: satyr
/n/: gnome
/l/: leprechaun
Siren /s/
/s/: psyche, satyr, sibyl, siren
Sorcery /w/
/d/: druid
/h/: hex
/w/: witch, wizard
Spiritually Powerful /f/
/g/: griffin
/f/: phoenix
/s/: sphinx
Physically Powerful /t/
/t/: titan
/k/: centaur
/J/: giant
Peasant /p/
/p/: pawn, peasant, pietà, plant, poor, prey, proxy, puppet
/k/: clerk, cog
/m/: member
/l/: lay
Male /f/
fag, faggot, fairy, flit, fop, fruit
butch, gay, homo
Dead /k/
/d/: dead
/k/: cadaver, carcass, corpse
/g/: gimp
/m/: mute
/l/: leper
Hair Color /b/
/b/: blond, brunette


2. Second Sort - First by Sound, then by Type of Person

I sort next by initial consonant, and then by semantic class. For example, I find all the 'people' words beginning with /b/, and then I sort the 'beautiful' people into one class, the children into another, and so forth. Words for people is the largest class of concrete nouns. A summary of the results are below:

/b/ - Beautiful/Handsome/Sexy, Mean/Criminal, Big/Loud, Ugly/Stupid, Children, Smart/Enthusiastic, Groups
/d/ - Dear, Ladies/Gentlemen, Titles of Nobility, Dummies, Ugly or Fallen Women, Devils, Dwarves
/g/ - Ginks, Ghosts, Gods, Greedy, Grumpy, Walker (Go), Gracious, Guides, Prostitutes, Groups
/p/ - General People Words, Small, Weak, Two People, Substitutes, Cream Puffs - Pastry Words for Wives, Cream of the Crop, Priest, Papa, Prude, Speaker, Police, Pirate, Groups
/t/ - Teams, Musicians, Tyrant, Young/Small, Groups Formed by Trust, Two People, Travellers, Words for Women as Sex Objects, Twit
/k/ - Kin, Clique/Club - Groups with Special Knowledge, Kings, Commoners, Queers, Clowns, Killers/Crooks, Grouches, Name-Calling, Dead
/v/ - Evil, Servants
/z/ - tzar, zombie
/f/ - Friends/Family, Priests, Flirts, Gay/Effeminate Male, Fairies, Contemptible, Criminals, Enemies, Old
/th/ - thane, thief, thorn, throne, throng, thug
/s/ - Soul, Saints, Spirits/Spooks, Sirs, Political and Social Groups, Servants, Weak, Snobby, Contemptible, Sneaky, Slow, Stiff, Sloppy, Small, Drunk, Relatives
/sh/ - she, Contemptible, Protector
/h/ - General Person, Hawk, Married Partner, Unmarried Partner, Ham, Hobo, Holy, Hired, Who, Him/Her
/j/ - Jehovah, Judge, Gem, Jerk, Outsider, Guy, Giant
/ch/ - Chief, Chap, Child, Chump
/m/ - Mothers, Mesdames, Men, Mates, Mixes, Maestros, Gods, Mavericks, Marshals, Misers, Merchants, Small, Mute, Misformed, Menaces, Members, Me
/n/ - Small, Insignificant, Near, Black, Noble, Renounce
/l/ - Lord/Lady, Lay People, Clumsy, Louts
/r/ - Rabble, Royalty
/w/ - One, Unions, Abandoned, Children, Weasel, Women, Wardens
/y/ - Spiritual, Naive, You, your, yours


babe, baby, bach, bawd, bean, beau, beauty, belle, bird, blade, block, bloke, blood, blue, boy, brave, brick, bride, broad, bruise/r, bub, buck, bud, buddy, bugger, bunny, butch 27 4.6
baboon, bandit, bastard, bawd, beast, bigot, bitch, blight, bluff, bogie, boob, boss, bother, bourgeois, brag, brat, brute, bug, bugger, bully, buzzard 21 3.6
babe, baboon, baby, bantam, bear, beast, bigot, bitch, blab, blight, blimp, block, boob, bogie, boor, bore, boss, bother, brag, brat, brave, bruise/r, brute, bub, bug, bugger, bull, bully, bum, butch 30 5.1
babe, bag, bat, bear, beast, bird, blab, blimp, boob, booby, boor, bore, bother, bourgeois, boy, bozo, brute, buffoon, bug, bugger, bum, bumpkin, buster, butch, butt 25 4.3
back, bail, bailiff, barber, bard, baron, bass, bawd, bishop, bobby, bone/s, boy, bull, bunny, butcher 15 2.6
babe, baby, bairn, bambino, boy, brat 6 1.0
brain, buff, bug 3 .5
Other People
black, blond, body, brother, brunette 5 .9
Groups of People
ballet, band, bar, batch, bench, bevy, bloc, blood, board, body, bond, boodle, both, bracket, brigade, brood, bunch, bund 18 3.1


dad, daddy, darling, daughter, dear, dove, duck 7 2.3
dame, damsel, dandy, date, dish, diva, doll, don, dona, donna, dowager, drag, dude 13 4.2
deacon, dean, diva, don, dona, dub, duke 7 2.3
dago, dingbat, dingdong, dodo, dolt, dope, drip, droll, drone, dud, duffer, dummy, dunce 13 4.2
Down Women
dike, dog, doxy, drab 4 1.3
demon, devil, dragon, druid, dryad, dwarf 6 2.0
Other People
dead, dervish, dragoon, dweeb 4 1.3


gallery, gander, gawk, geek, geezer, gink, goof, gook, goon, goose, gorilla, goy, gringo, gull 14 4.1
gargoyle, ghost, ghoul, goblin, god, golem, gremlin, griffin 8 2.3
gascon, glutton, golem, gourmet, goy, gringo, guard 7 2.0
grouch, grump 2 .6
gamin, gang, ghost, gimp, guerilla, guide 6 1.7
gal, girl, grace, groom, guest, guru, guy 7 2.0
guard, guide, guild, gun, guru 5 1.4
gay, geisha, gogo 3 .9
gang, group, grange, guard, guild 5 1.4


General People
party, person, people 3 .6
page, pansy, pariah, patsy, pauper, peasant, peewee, peon, plebe, poor, prey, punk, pupil, pygmy 14 2.9
Pan, pixie, Puck 3 .6
pal, peer 2 .4
pawn, plant, proxy, puppet 4 .8
Cream Puff
peach, pearl, pet, pie, piece, plum, pudding, puff, pumpkin 9 1.9
pilot, prince, pro 3 .6
padre, parson, pastor, pontiff, pope, priest, prior, pundit, purple 9 1.9
pa, padre, pap, papa, paw, pop 6 1.2
pillar, prig, prissy, prude, prune 5 1.0
poet, prof 2 .4
parent, patrol, pilot, plaintiff, platoon, police, posse 7 1.4
Mostly Weak - Derogatory
pansy, patsy, peewee, pest, pig, pink, prick, prig, prissy, prude, prune, punk 12 2.5
pagan, pirate, pistol 3 .6
Groups of People
pack, panel, party, patrol, pedigree, people, platoon, police, posse, press 10 2.1
Other People
patron, pietà, pilgrim, pimp 4 .8


team, tong, totem, tourney, town, trade, tribe, trio, troop, troupe, trust, twain, twin, two 14 3.5
tourney, trio, troubadour, troupe 4 1.0
tartar, terror, tiger, titan, troll, tycoon, tyrant 7 1.7
tad, teen, toddle/r, toots, tot, tyke 6 1.5
team, tourney, tribe, troop, troupe 5 1.2
twain, twin 2 .5
tail, tar, tourney, tramp, tribe, troop, troupe 7 1.7
tenor 1 .2
tail, tart, tomato, toots, tramp 5 1.2
tabby, toad, trash, turd, turkey, twit, twerp 7 1.7


clone, comrade, couple, cousin, crony, ken, kin, kith 8 1.4
Clique/Club - Special Knowledge
cabal, cabinet, cadre, camp, canon, cartel, cast, choir, clan, class, clergy, clique, club, colony, corps, council, court, coven, cream, crèche, crew, crust, cream, cult, cut 25 4.4
Other Groups
caravan, crowd 2 .4
captain, cardinal, Christ, coach, cock, cop, colonel, count, crown, king, kaiser, khan, queen 13 2.3
cad, cadet, caddie, caitiff, calf, cattle, clerk, clod, clown, cluck, codger, cog, crone, crowd, crumb, cuckoo, cuss, kid, kwack 19 3.3
crank, creep, cretin, cripple, klutz, kook, quack, queen, queer 9 1.6
card, clown 2 .4
cannibal, crook, culprit, kamikazi 4 .7
crab, crank 2 .4
kike, kraut 2 .4
cadaver, carcass, corpse 3 .5
Other People
cook, kibitz/er 2 .4


vamp, vampire, vandal, villian, viper, vixen, vulture 7 7.5
valet, vassal, vicar, vizier 4 4.3
vegetable, virgin 2 2.1
Other People
vet 1 1.1


tzar, zombie 2 8.7


fan, father, fellow, fiancé, flame, friend 6 1.8
Groups of People
family, feather, flock, fold, folk 5 1.5
father, friar, pharisee 3 .9
female, flirt, floozy, flower, fox, frump, fury 7 2.1
Gay/Effeminate Male
fag, faggot, fairy, flit, fop, fruit 6 1.8
fairy, faun, fay, phantom, phoenix 5 1.5
fart, filth, fink, fish, flotsam, fool, freak, frog, fruit 9 2.8
felon, fence, fraud 3 .9
fiend, foe, fury, fuzz, phalanx 5 1.5
fart, fogy, fossil 3 .9
flirt, floozy, fuck 3 .9


thane, thief, thorn, throne, throng, thug 6 11.1


psyche, self, soul, spirit 4 .4
centaur, sadhu, sage, saint, samurai, Saturn, scribe, sikh, sibyl, siren, sister, sphinx, sprite, swami 14 1.6
centaur, psyche, Satan, Saturn, satyr, sibyl, siren, specter, sphinx, spirit, spook, sprite 12 1.3
sahib, sadhu, sage, salt, satrap, senate, sentry, sergeant, sikh, sibyl, sir, sire, skipper, sovereign, stag, star, stud, sultan, surgeon, swami, swank 21 2.4
cell, circle, citizen, senate, sect, slate, soviet, squad, squadron, staff, state, string 12 1.3
serf, sexton, slave, soldier, squaw, squire, staff, sub 8 .9
serpent, simple, sissy, spic, sucker 3 .4
sass, snob 2 .2
scab, scrag, scum, skunk, slime, smut, snot 7 .8
snake, sneak, snoop, swine 4 .4
sloth, slouch, slug, snail 4 .4
stiff, stooge 2 .2
slattern, slob, slouch, sloven, slut, sot 6 .7
scamp, snip, sprig, squirrel, squirt 5 .6
sot, souse, sponge, stiff 4 .4
Other Derogatives
serpent, spic 2 .2
scion, sister, son, spouse, squaw, steady, sweet 7 .8
scout, sleuth, smith, spy, student, surgeon, sweep 7 .8
Other People
sport 1 .1


she 1 .7
charlatan, schlep, schlimazel, schmuck, schnook, shark, shiksa, shit, sheep, shrimp, shrew 11 7.8
chaperon, shadow, shah, shaman, sheik, shepherd, sheriff, shogun, shrink 9 6.4
Other People
chef, sugar 2 1.4


General Person
head, herd, homo, horde, human 5 1.7
Hades, hag, harpy, hawk, heathen, heavy, heel, hen, hex, hob, hog, honky, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, horde, hound, hulk, hunk, junta 20 6.7
Married Partner
half, heart, honey, husband 4 1.3
Unmarried Partner
harem, harlot, homo, hook/er, hussy, whore 6 2.0
ham, harlequin 2 .7
hick, hippie, hobo 3 1.0
hadji, hermit, hero, Host 4 1.3
hack, hand, helot, hobo 4 1.3
Other People
herald, host 2 .7
who, whom, whose 3 1
he, her, hers, him, his 5 1.7


Jehovah, Jove, Juno, Jupiter 4 3.1
judge, jury 2 1.5
gem, genie, gent, gentry, jewel, joy 6 4.6
gentile, germ, jackal, jade, jerk, jezebel, jingo, jinni, joke 9 6.9
gentile, Jew, gypsy 3 2.3
gigolo, jack, jock, jockey 4 3.1
giant, Jehovah, Jove, Juno, Jupiter 5 3.8


chair, champ, champion, cheese, chief 5 5.1
chamber, church 2 2.0
chap, chick, chum 3 3.0
charge, cherub, child 3 3.0
chattel, chicken, chump, churl 4 4.0



ma, mama, matron, miss, mom, mother, mum, mummy 8 2.0
madam, mademoiselle, madonna, magdalen, maid, maiden, model 7 1.7
macho, male, man, master, mensch, mister 6 1.5
match, mate, model, moll 4 1.0
mestizo, mongrel, mulatto 3 .7
maestro, maharajah, mahatma, major, marquis, master, matador, minion, mister 9 2.2
Mars, Master, Mercury, mind, Minerva, Muse 6 1.5
martyr, marvel, maverick, mensch, mule 5 1.2
marshal, martinet 2 .5
miser, monger 2 .5
merchant, monger 2 .5
manikin, midge, midget, minor, moppet, mouse 6 1.5
manikin, mime, monk, mummy, mute 5 1.2
monster, moron 2 .5
mafia, medusa, menace, minx, monster 5 1.2
machine, mafia, mass, mob 4 1.0
member, ménage, minion 3 .7
me, mine, my 3 .7
Other People
mason, minstrel, monkey 3 .7


gnome, naiad, nymph 3 2.1
knave, nigger, ninny, nitwit, nothing, nut 6 4.1
nanny, neighbor, nephew, niece, nurse 5 3.4
Negro, nigger 2 1.4
knight, name, Neptune, noble, nymph 5 3.4
nomad, nun 2 1.4


lad, lady, lama, lamb, lass, lead, legend, liege, light, lion, lord 11 4.2
lackey, lay 2 .8
leper, lubber, lummox 3 1.2
lecher, leech, louse, lout, lummox 5 1.9
Other People
league, leprechaun, love 3 1.2


rabble, rake, rascal, rat, red, ring, riot, rip, roach, rogue, rot, roué, rout, rowdy, rubble, wretch 16 7.0
rabbi, raja, rich, ring 4 1.7
Other People
race, robot, wraith, wright 4 1.7



one, we, weal 3 1.4
waif, ward, widow 3 1.4
waif, ward, whelp 3 1.4
wanton, wasp, weasel, weed, wench, witch, wolf, worm 8 3.6
wanton, wench, widow, wife, witch, woman 6 2.7
warden, watch, wheel, whiz, wiz, wizard, wonder, worship 8 3.6
Other People
white, wing 2 .9


Yahweh, yogi 2 2.9
eunuch, yahoo, yellow, yokel, youth, young 6 8.8
you, your, yours 3 4.4
Other People
yid 1 1.5

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