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Pertinent and Impertinent Links
(largely for my own convenience)

There is no method behind these... I just find this more convenient that bookmarking. They are sites I came across while surfing and thought were interesting for one reason or another.



Computers and Web Stuff

Techical Documentation
Apple Technical Documentation

Disinfectant Virus Protection
CNET - all kinds of random stuff
ListBot - for maintaining mailing lists
Macintosh Programmers Workshop - still my favorite
Search and Replace Software
Version Tracker - keeps track of latest version of lots of commercial software

Amazon Customer Activation - New Browsers only

School Closings
School Closing

Site Submission
Big Submit

Check E-Mail
FileMaker Web Hosting
Internet Service Providers
Mac ISPs

Domain Names
Domain Name Registration

Internet Park - Great word games, but the competition is STIFF

Credit Cards
ShareIt - cheap and easy

Software and Shareware
Animation Factory
Matt's Script Archive - a nice collection of free cgi scripts
Netcounter - add a hit counter to your site for free
Pad - XML dataset for promoting shareware
PicoSearch - add a search engine to your site for free
Postcards - free virtual postcards
Russian Postcards - more postcards

SPAM removal

Discussion Lists
OneList e-mail Communities



Amazon Books
Foreign Books
Kessinger Rare Freemasonry and Philosophy Books
Octavo - digital rare books

Real Estate
New Hampshire Real Estate

Stock Market

Airplane Tickets

Whale Watching
Cape Ann Whale Watching


General Research

Britannica Online
Indo-European Etymological Dictionary
Library of Congress Catalogs
Libraries with Internet Services
Peter Spitz' List of Internet Dictionaries - Links to hundreds of on-line dictionaries. Site created by a translator.
Project Gutenberg - free books online
StudyWeb - 141,000 links to research sites
A Web of Online Dictionaries - look up words and info in many languages right on the Web
What Is - Technology Dictionary - haven't figured this one out yet, but keep happening on useful stuff



Stars and Constellations

Alternative Science
AARF -- American Anthropological Research Foundation, Robert Morgan's Bigfoot site.
Auroras - pretty pictures
BigFoot - in Denver Post, Jan 2003
Borderland Sciences - an organization that publishes a lot of well-researched and interesting books.
Knowledge Frontiers - an online journal with thousands of articles on anomalous phenomena of all kinds.
Quantum Resonance Theory - an interesting line of thought... one I've been in on myself a bit
Taste - Charles T. Tarte's new project. He is collecting accounts of transcendent experiences by established scientists and posting them here.

Archeology, Philosophy, Myth

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet - lots of links

Ancients, Archeology and Anthropology
Ancient History Sourcebook - a huge site on ancient history
Ancient World Links - Links to 1100 sites on aspects of the ancient world
Ancient Manuscripts - Toward the bottom about 50 good research links
The Ancient Vine -
Astro-Archeology - a large site by one who has thought deeply and spent many years out under the stars
BigFoot Sightings - Hah!
Forbidden Archaeology - Michael Cremo's strange site... he has a nice face.
Runes in Oklahoma - remarkable research that suggests a lot happened before Columbus
Thor Heyerdahl - links and information about a relative of mine!
Wingmaker - very strange, read and see what you think

Myth and Dream
Astro-Archeology - a thoughtful site by a thoughtful person with a lot of in-depth essays on constellations and mythology
Characters of Greek Mythology - It lists almost all of them I could think of with a fairly good overview of each.
Dreambank - Allows you to search several hundred dreams
Dreamgate - The biggest dream site I'm aware of. Numerous links. A discussion list, a searchable database, etc.
Encyclopedia Mythica - a huge seachable site of mythology
Forum Romanum - an extensive site of Roman mythology, history, the Latin language, etc.
Illuminations - hundreds of pages on diverse topics relating to the mystical and mythological.
Importance of Dreams Survey - a survey conducted by Harry Bosma about people who remember their dreams.
Indian Mythology - the largest site I'm aware of on Indian mythology
Legends - hundreds of well-organized, annotated links on the mythology and legend of the British Isles
The Magic Web - A good page of a couple hundred annotated mythology links
Mythology on the Web - hundreds of organized annotated links. Has rated the sites for form and content.
Myths amd Legends - a pretty extensive site done by a physics prof at U of NH.
Onyx Dimensions - several hundred pages of symbols, herbs, myths, etc.
Prehistory Page - hundreds of articles on Celtic myth, and related anomalies
Stars and Constellations - a page for each of the major stars and constellations

Art Bell - lots and lots of links, interviews and other stuff on UFOs, the paranormal, and anything else that's hard to believe
Bob Lazar - He claims to have worked in a secret underground lab which held 5 alien spacecraft which he describes in detail. Many say he's a fraud. It's a wild site.
Black Vault - Hundreds of government documents in pdf format that a teenager has acquired through the freedom of info act.
Forbidden Science - UFO - A nice site with lots of links by a friend of mine who can't decide whether he believes it or not.
Majestic Documents - A collection of numerous documents, fairly well researched, it seems to me.

Arisbe - the Peirce Telecommunity - on Charles Sanders Peirce, the semioticist
Sentics -- Peter Baker's marvellous synesthesia site
Swarm Semiotics - Ever wonder how swarms and flocks can act as a single unit? An interesting theory



General Mainstream
Alternatives - a huge library of text files on subjects for social change including religion
Blueletter Bible Search Online - look up any word in six Bibles and get back the relevant passages
Religion Index - hundreds of annotated links on all religions
Virtual Religion Index - Rutgers University Archives on Religions

General Mystical
Ancient Wisdom - a nice collection of writings from a wide variety of faiths
Crystal Links Metaphysical and Science Page - a huge site with tons of data and links on esoterica of all traditions
Eternity Road - Interviews with near death survivors
Illuminations - hundreds of pages on diverse topics relating to the mystical and mythological.
James Harvey Stout - a site containing the many works of James Harvey Stout.
Mysticism Resources - lots of links to scholarly resources on mysticism
New Age Info - a large collection of New Age links, many of them, however, commercial
OmPlace - an index of sites, mostly New Age in tenor
Oracle of the Compass - a curious oracle invented by the author of the site
Peace Pilgrim - her whole book is online... :-)
Space Time Portal - numerous links to myth, 3D, art, heresies
The Way (Doma) - an example of a mythology rising up in the New Age. No matter what you believe, I expect this type of cosmology will have a significant effect on mainstream thinking in the future.
Wingmaker - very strange, read and see what you think
Work on What Has Been Spoiled - Catherine MacCoun's really insightful and compassionate essay on the psychology of cultism, of integration of the metaphysical into the physical world using an episode in the history of the Anthroposophical Society as an example.

Western Hermetic
Alchemy - 90 Megabytes on alchemy
Archetypal Stellar Taroscopic Astrology - Michael Tsarion's Tarot
Jacob Boehme Resources - many links to Boehme resources
Early Christian Writings - has many not included in the Biblical canon
The Enochian World of Benjamin Rowe - I enjoyed especially the link for the 91 parts of earth. See also Basic Scheme.
The Gnosis Archive - a large resource of Gnostic texts and links
The Gnosis Society Archive - another large resource of Gnostic texts
The Gospel of Barnabas - a site devoted to a book that didn't make it into the Biblical canon.
The Hermetic Library - a site that posts works by Hermetics that don't have their own site. Also has a discussion list.
Hermetic Fellowship - an extensive site of resources provided by the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship.
Hermetic Kabbalah - an interesting collection of works by diverse people about Kabbalah
The Holy Grail - a book expounding a curious theory about the meaning of the Grail, the Philosopher's Stone, etc.
Kabbalah Now - Ovid Jacob warmly leads you through the sources that have influenced him most in learning Kabbalah.
Lilith - lots of links to Lilith sites
Mystery Texts - several more texts with Hermetic content
Neuro-Net - an assortment of unusual works including many by Alvin Boyd Kuhn
Newton on Alchemy - a few lines which Newton wrote.
The Ritman Library - home page for a marvellous Hermetic library in Holland
Rudolf Steiner - a fairly large collection of on-line works by Rudolf Steiner
Sepher Yetzierah - important book of the Kabbalah
Servants of the Light - home page for Israel Regardie's Hermetic Order
Shamash - Kabbalah - a collection of links on Jewish Kabbalah and Hasidism
Stoa del Sol - a nice site on Stoic philosophy
Thelema - home page of the College of Thelema, several Thelemic works online
Voynich - Web site for the mysterious hitherto undeciphered Voynich document
Zoroastrianism - a large on-line collection of Zoroastrian texts

Eastern Mysticism
Karma Triyana Dharmachakra - site contains original texts of Tibetan Buddhism
I Ching - a nice exposition of the underlying symbolisms in the I Ching
Thai Forest Traditions - on-line texts of a 19th Century Thai Buddhist tradition
Theravada Buddhism - contains large portions of the Pali Canon in English translation
True Buddhist School Net - contains many Buddhist texts in English translation

Arts, etc.

Active Worlds - 3D Virtual Reality, a whole new universe on the Internet
E-Sheep Web Comix - Patrick Farley
Fractals - lots of pretty pictures
Internet Movie Database
Legos - also here
The Lyrics Library
The Mudcat Café - Folk Song Library
National Gallery of Art
StudioCleo - a very cool site
Trains - an extensive site of train pictures of all periods
Pedestrian Crossing - A very cool Russian site analyzing the various nationalities of the the ped X-ing sign
Sentics - Peter Baker's marvellous synaesthesia site


Autism Network International - a great online resource
Autism Picture Page - a fine site which debunks a lot of the myths about autism
Don't Mourn for Us - a very articulate essay by an autistic man presenting an alternate view
Richard Hudson's Autism Page - a great site by a man with high functioning autism with lots of links


John Hewetts' Writer's Resource Center
Thomas Jefferson University Press - my publisher
WGA Site Guide


Congressional Addresses, etc. - in case I need to harrass somebody about something

Government Grants 1
Government Grants 2
Government Grants 3

King Assassination
Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination
Martin Luther King
King Assassination Documents - House Select Committee

Adam Smith -- please everybody who wants to make the world a better place, read Adam Smith


Maps - Yahoo


The Buddhist Theory of Language - Charles Pyle's very insightful work on the duplicity inherent in language
Center for American Studies - peace activism
Golden Ass - Michael Sympson's take on life
HodgePodgeBlog - Bernard Wisser's journal of advice, opinion and ventilation
Marvel Place - Bernard Wisser's art page
Mark Mills - Mimetics, etc.
My Own Sight- Liz Simon - art
Andrew Rothovius - essays on all kinds of things
Sunshine Café - poetry
TE Software - Thomas Everth

Unexplored Links

Sparky's Mystical Stepping Stones
Mything Links
Society and Culture
The Stele
Grand Central Station
Recursive Angel
Psyche Matters
Mountain Man Graphics
Golden Dawn

Margo's Magical Letter Page

I'm one of those people who takes a liking to certain films and books, reading them or watching them over and over until they have been practically memorized. I do this at the expense of a certain breadth. I star books and films that I have seen or read many, many times. In a way, I hesitate to post them, because much of what I like is what everyone has liked through all time. And partly because some movies and books I find deep and wonderful and everything positive (Anna and the King and Saving Grace, for example) get terrible reviews. I have no idea why. I must live in a different universe. Furthermore, I haven't read very broadly, and have probably stayed too much with writings that are already well known. Still, I would be glad to come across such a list myself somewhere, and so I offer this.

Favorite Films

Aladdin (Disney)
Angels in the Outfield
*Anna and the King
The Apostle
Au Revoir les Enfants
*Babette's Feast
*Bagdad Café
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
Ben Hur
Big Fish
Body in the Library (BBC Miss Marple)
Bound for Glory
*Chariots of Fire
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Chicken Run
*The Chosen
Color of a Pomegranate
Crocodile Dundee
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Cry the Beloved Country
*Dead Poet's Society
*Doctor Zhivago
Driving Miss Daisy
*Fiddler on the Roof
Field of Dreams
Forrest Gump
The Green Mile
Groundhog Day
*Hamlet (Kenneth Branaugh, also Mel Gibson)
Harold and Maude
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Heftig og Begeistret (Cool and Crazy)
The Hero's Adventure (Bill Moyers interview with Joseph Campbell)
Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)
I Have a Dream (speech by MLK)
James and the Giant Peach
*Joseph King of Dreams
Joy Luck Club
Karate Kid
*Lawrence of Arabia
Life after Life (Raymond Moody)
Life is Beautiful
*The Lion King
Lion in Winter
The Little Mermaid (Disney)
*Lord of the Rings
Lost in Translation
*Man in the Iron Mask
Mary Poppins
Michael (John Travolta)
Milagro Beanfield War
Miracle on 34th Street (the old b+w version)
Les Misérables
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
*Much Ado about Nothing (Kenneth Branaugh)
My Fair Lady
Othello (Kenneth Branaugh)
*Out of Africa
Paradise Road
Power of Myth
Proposition (Kenneth Branaugh)
Une Pure Formalité
*A River Runs through It
Saved by the Light
*Saving Grace - with Tom Conti
Secondhand Lions
*Shadowlands (Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger)
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Silence of the Lambs (except I can't stand watching it)
*The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn
*The Sound of Music
Star Wars (especially #1)
Titanic (1998)
To Sir with Love
*The Winslow Boy
*The Wizard of Oz
You've Got Mail

Favorite Books

Adams, Henry - *The Education of Henry Adams
Angelou, Maya - Wouldn't Take Nothin' for my Journey Now
Askildsen, Kjell - En Plutselig Frigjørende Tanke
Bach, Richard - Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Bible - *Deuteronomy, *Ecclesiastes, *Genesis, *Job, Jonah, *The Psalms, *The Four Gospels of Jesus
*The Bhaghavad Gita
Bly, Robert
- Iron John
Brinkley, Dannion - Saved by the Light
Buber, Martin - *I and Thou, Two Types of Faith, Legend of the Baal Shem
Campbell, Joseph - The Masks of God, Hero with 1000 Faces, Myths to Live by
Carroll, Lewis - *Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass
Chögyam Trungpa - *Shambhala, Cutting through Spiritual Materialism
Christie, Agatha - Miss Marple mysteries
*A Course in Miracles
Dostoyevsky, Fëdor
- The Brothers Karamazov, Idiot, Notes from the Underground
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan - Sherlock Holmes
Emerson, Ralph Waldo - *The American Scholar, Circles, Compensation, *Divinity School Address, Experience, Nature, The Over-Soul, The Poet, Self-Reliance, Spiritual Laws, *The Transcendentalist, etc. (my faborite philosopher)
Eschenbach, Wolfram von - Parsival
Faulkner, William - The Old People
Feynman, Richard - QED, The Character of Physical Law
Frankl, Victor - The Will to Meaning, Man's Search for Meaning
Freidman, Thomas - Longitudes and Attitudes
Goethe - Faust, stories
Herodotus - Histories
Hesse, Herman - Demian, *Glasperlenspiel
Hugo, Victor - The Man Who Laughs, Les Miserables
Hume, David - Treatise on Human Understanding
St. John of the Cross - Dark Night of the Soul
Joyce, James - Ulysses
Jung, C.G. - The Portable Jung (most of it)
Keenan, Brian - An Evil Cradling
King, Martin Luther - Testament of Hope (essential writings)
King, Stephen - Desperation
Kipling, Rudyard - Jungle Books
Krishnamurti - *The Book of Life, Krishnamurti's Notebook
Kyber, Manfred - The Three Candles of Little Veronica
Lawrence, T.E. - *Seven Pillars of Wisdom
L'Engle, Madeleine - Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door
Lewis, C.S. - Chronicles of Narnia, The Great Divorce
Lovecraft, H.P. (R. H. Barlow?) - The Night Ocean
Ramana Maharshi - *The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi
Mann, Thomas
- Zauberberg
Moody, Raymond - Life after Life, Reunions
Nabokov, Vladimir - Pnin
The Nag Hammadi Library - *The Gospel of Truth, The Tripartite Tractate, *The Gospel of Thomas, *Thunder, Perfect Mind
Nietzsche, Friedrich
- Beyond Good and Evil, many aphorisms
Pasternak, Boris
- Dr. Zhivago
Plato - *Defense, *Phaedo, Republic (*VII, *VIII), Symposium
Plotin - Ennead
Poetic Edda
Pushkin, Alexander -
Evgenii Onegin
Ram Dass - Be Here Now
Rand, Ayn - Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged
Rowling, J. K. - Harry Potter, Sorcerer's Stone
Schopenhauer - The World as Will and Idea
Schrödinger, Erwin - What is Life?, Mind and Matter
Scott, Walter - Ivanhoe
Shakespeare, William - *Hamlet, *Much Ado about Nothing, Othello, *The Tempest
Schumacher, E. F. - Small is Beautiful
Smith, Adam - Wealth of Nations
Spengler, Oswald - Decline of the West
Steiner, Rudolf - Antroposophische Leitsätze, An Outline of Occult Science, Mein Lebensgang
Strieber, Whitley - The Secret School
Sugrue - There is a River
Dr. Suess - *Oh the Places You'll Go, *I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew, *How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Teilhard de Chardin - The Phenomenon of Man
Thoreau, H.D. - Walden
Tolkien, J.R.R.. - Lord of the Rings
deToqueville, Alexis - Democracy in America
Ullmann - Banner in the Sky
Watts, Alan - The Spirit of Zen, This is It
Weil, Simone - Simone Weil Reader
White, T. H. - The Sword in the Stone, The Once and Future King
Wink, Walter - Engaging the Powers


Anna Akhmatova
Emily Dickenson
Sergei Esenin
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Boris Pasternak
Alexander Pushkin
Ranier Marie Rilke
William Wordsworth

Other Helpful Books (to me)

Bateson, G. - Mind and Nature, Steps to an Ecology of Mind
Bell, E.T. - Men of Mathematics
Campbell, Neil - Biology
Corso, Philip - Day after Roswell
Feynman, Richard - Lectures in Physics (what little I've been able to read and understand)
Gould, Stephen - The Mismeasure of Man
Hofstadter, D. - Gödel, Escher, Bach
Mack, John - Abductions
Richardsen - Emerson, a Mind on Fire
Rudin - Principles of Mathematical Analysis
Vassilatos, Gerry - Lost Science

Margo's Magical Letter Page